About the artist: Susan Imhoff

Susan Imhoff was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome by an alert pediatrician as a young girl.  She has experienced many more-or-less typical Marfan problems, including scoliosis, spontaneous pneumothorax, and mitral valve replacement.  Incidentally, Susan measures just over six-foot-four in her stocking feet, and although she really enjoys watching a good game of basketball, no, she doesnŐt play.

Susan is from California, and during the course of a lengthy academic career she has also lived in England and in Paris, France.  When she is not studying, teaching, or demonstrating the vagaries of Marfan syndrome for interested doctors, she sometimes performs or directs theatre.  Currently Susan lives in Connecticut with her husband (a professor of history at Yale University) and is finishing her dissertation for a joint Ph.D. in Drama and Humanities from Stanford University.

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